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About New Educations

The New Educations In Promoting Transversal Skills project proposes a new approach in the development of transversal competences through the acquisition of knowledge and skills related to some of the “New Educations”: education for environment, peace, health, democracy, communication and mass-media, entrepreneurship, citizenship, leisure, and personal development.

The concept of New Educations was launched by the Romanian teacher George Vaideanu in 1988. It constitutes proof of the education system’s involvement in the popularisation of the contemporary world problems, with a view to find peaceful and viable solutions.

Familiarising students with the issue of New Educations means that the students will learn the needs and fears of a rapidly changing society. The New Educations aim at the development of transversal competences in learners so that learners can adapt to socio-economic changes and integrate easier integration on the European labour market thanks to their newly gained civic and digital competences, their initiative and entrepreneurship