Belgian Newspaper reports on Barcelona training activity

The Belgian Dutch-language newspaper Het Belang van Limburg reported briefly on the experience of Belgian participanst to the Barcelona Teacher Training Activity. This training was organized by DEMA (Departament d'Estudis dels Medis Actuals). Together with teachers from Italy, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Spain and Turkey, 3 Belgian teachers/trainers followed workshops and lectures on the themes “What is democracy?”, “How to define democracy?”, “The methodology of learning services”, “Media and democracy”, “Democracy and diversity”, and so on. The weekly program also consisted of visits to the educational center 'El Llindar', the museum of the history of Catalonia, 'Can Riera', 'IES Bellvitge', the parliament of Catalonia, and so on. The seminar and the location got an additional symbolic importance because the Catalans were in the middle of their discussions about the referendum on 1 October about their independence. Read the article on the newspaper web site... (in Dutch)

New Educations Team in Barcelona