Education for Ecology Modules

At present, more than 5.3 billion people are using the earth's natural resources. It is becoming impossible to escape the consequence of severe environmental degradation: species extinction, spreading deserts, pesticide contamination, increasing public health problems, starvation, poverty, and loss of human life. Environmental education offers students not only knowledge, skills, motivation and values but also commitment to manage the earth's resources sustainably and to take responsibility for maintaining environmental quality. The Education for Ecology module designed by Methodological guidelines designed by Școala Gimnaziala Ghindeni (Romania) offers insights and good practices for classroom use. Eleven workshops were prepared and each of them applied in real classroom situations: 

  • Sounds of nature
  • Have You Ever Met a Tree?
  • Algae Bloom
  • Clean City
  • Earth Day
  • Recycled Paper Nature Journal
  • Clean Energy
  • Math and Natural Sciences Trail
  • Air Pollution: time to experiment!
  • ECO Rules of our School
  • School Gardening
Respect for nature