Education for peace workshops at Oš Petra Preradovića School, Zadar

Education for peace is a process. It is about creating a culture for peace. How do we acquire the values, skills and knowledge needed to live in harmony ? It is through education that we can make a difference. Lessons in the classroom are lessons for life.

Throughout a period of eight weeks all our Year 7 pupils participated in various workshops and activities. They need to become peacemakers and peacekeepers. The activities have been devised and adapted specifically for this project  by a varied group of experts. Teachers from our school, pedagogical experts, the Youth society for extracurricular activities in Zadar, the Psychology faculty of Zadar University, sociological experts and several willing helpers and volunteers from the local community.

The five main themes of the Education for peace module are : Peace within yourself and peace with others; Others and me, respecting differences; Cooperation ; Peaceful conflict resolution and Prosocial behaviour. Within each theme, several workshops and subsequent activities have been devised as detailed below.

What is education for peace ?


Read the brochure published by Osnovna škola Petra Preradovića in Zadar (available in English and in Croatian) with guidelines and conclusions on the various workshops they produced and provided to the New Educations project partners to develop civic, digital and entrepreneurship skills. You can find the brochures here.