Ghindeni School – One Year in The New Educations Project : Intercultural and Tranversal accomplishments

The teachers from Ghindeni School testify after one year in the Nrew Educations Project:

Aura Firoiu:

"Every project have given us the possibility to experience something new, to enrich our knowledge and find new methods of working with students. We have also enjoyed other countries’ cultures, found interesting and important aspects of their geography and history, met wonderful people.  All in all, I personally had really nice experiences both in Croatia and in Poland – the meeting with the other partners, schools’, teachers’ and students’ warm welcome, innovative, learned methods to work with students, the city game, sightseeings – Zadar – with its breathtaking air at every step, Krka Park, The Salt Mine and even one of the most terrible moment in mankind history  - The Auschwitz. As a conclusion, we have learned so much in so little time!...And I hardly wait to learn more!"

Simona Negru:

"I will emphasize the intercultural dimension of the European projects. In each country we visited, during the project the activities had a historical and geographic specificity, which determined their economy and culture. In Croatia we could see the use of the rocks that exist everywhere, in glass factories. An important aspect of this country is its tourism, caused by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. I have to remark the happiness I felt to see in Zadar the “Monument to the Sun”, while hearing the ”Sea Organ”. Another special thing during our visit in the school was the teachers’ choir, showing their patriotism.  In Poland, I was impressed by two things. One is the openness and friendship of the students, teachers and school board. The other consists of the traces of the Holocaust, which I have seen in both Krakow and Auschwitz. Barcelona, as most of the participants declared after our training, is ”the most beautiful city” I have ever seen. It is a well-mixed history, a continuous struggle for freedom, education, culture, architecture, leisure, industry, natural beauty.In conclusion, each European experience enriches our minds and our souls."

Daniela Firescu:

"The first year of New Educations provided us with a framework to engage with fellow teachers and other education stakeholders and sharing resources, experiences, ideas and results. The five modules developed by now în Ghindeni School had the workshops involve two or three classes in the same activity, developing cooperative learning, they developed talents and abilities that can take from subject to subject. Very useful în the classroom were the Conflict Management strategies presented during Personal Development Training Course by the team of Ogólnokształcące im. Jana Matejki Liceum in  Poland. Educating cities- the service learning programe presented in L'Hospitalet give an insight on learning by doing a community service. We could also see how was developed an alternative to vocational training during the lunch at El repartidor, and enjoy a delicious meal prepared by the students."

Dana Luca:

"For me, participating in  the New Educations project is an unexpected experience. All the workshops and activities helped me to communicate better."

Ghindeni School, Romania: Civic Educations