Health Education Modules Ready!

Just before the end of 2017, Liceo A.Bertolucci, Parma (Italy) published its module on Health Education, with as main themes: Dietary Education and Education to Fragility. Ten workshops were created with the following titles: 

  • Castles or wrath -  Creative-expressive laboratory on the discovery of wrath through the 5 senses.
  • Identification of roles, effective group management and empathy.
  • Bullying, conflict management, effective communication and empathy.
  • “At court”.
  • Information and health - Opportunities for kids in the city.
  • The importance of 5 daily meals - Meals throughout the day.
  • Water in our body and its dietary sources.
  • Food pyramid. Is the diet I follow healthy and balanced? 
  • Environmental pyramid. Ambivalent impact associated with different food products.
  • The quality of sleep and possible associations with the state of health.

Educating young people on health means providing rigorous knowledge, attitudes and skills to include them in a secure and caring context of relational, ethical and social bearings that give meaning to student's life. For this reason the health workshops introduce several school-based activities to increase knowledge-based decision making that will remain with students for the rest of their lives. Ten workshops can be used to achieve the aforementioned goals and improve the level of student’s health education.

Study healthy!