New Educations Dissemination Activity with PR Staff (Turkey)

As a part of the dissemination activities of the Erasmus+ Project New Educations,  Aslihan Sirin and Ilknur Aktas from the Manisa Social Sciences High School (Turkey) organised a workshop together with the PR staff of their municipality on 24th of May 2017.The workshop was called “Am I a Good Communicator?”.  It had been prepared for the Personal Development Module of the project by Paweł Dziura and Katarzyna Tokarczyk, from Liceum Ogólnokształcace in Wieliczka Poland. Aslihan Sirin and Ilknur Aktas were very happy to have had the opportunity to expand the outputs of the project to the local community, making it both more visible and efficient. From their part, the PR staff thought the workshop was fun and very helpful for refreshing their competences and skills from their past studies.

Dissemination for PR Training in Manisa (Turkey)