New Educations Modules in Action

The New Educations Project is about half way through its lifetime and the results are becoming available: already 5 modules with learning and teaching materials are now drafted and tested in the partner schools, they contain the modules for education for peace, for development, entrepreneurial education, education for democracy and civic education. All partner schools have received the guideines and have been involved in selecting and teaching the lessons according to the scenarios drafted by the partners.



The draft Methodological Guide, a guide of good practices, that bundles these learning and teaching materials is currently under review. This Guide contains the necessary methodological guidelines for activities for each of those theme as well as examples of good implementation. In this guide, the project demonstrates also the importance of each education for developing transversal skills to students. At the end of the project, the Guide will be published and it will be made available from this web site.

Education for Peace in action at Osnovna škola Petra Preradovića, Zadar (Croatia).