Osnovna Skola Petra Preradovica in Zadar busy implementing New Educations

Following an inspiring week in Poland, the Croatian New Educations team were eager to continue with work on the project. However, the first task was preparing a presentation to describe our trip to Poland to children and staff. The presentation was a huge success. Over one hundred slides, including many photos and information enabled us to bring the magic of Wieliczka to our school.

Student video about the Occupation of Poland
Student Video about the Occupation of Poland


The workshops followed soon after. We selected : How to cope with public speaking, SWOT analysis, A map of your dreams, Why do I need to work and Effective time management. These workshops were very effective and thought provoking. The pupils made presentations, posters and videos. We were inspired by The jar of life video and the pupils produced three videos themselves as well as an actual jar of life. This was filled with stones with written messages which were collected in the class "Jar of life".

As the annual ceremony of school celebration day approached, our workshops provided a sound basis to enable several children to perform as presenters in the town theatre. These activities will be used in the future for the personal development of our staff as the themes are definitely applicable for children and adults alike.

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