Liceul Tehnologic de Transporturi Auto

Liceul Tehnologic de Transporturi Auto is a public educational institution in Craiova, Dolj county , which has subordinated other three structures: two kindergartens and a secondary school . Institution buildings - three structures and practical training workshops - are located on the outskirts of Craiova, in a neighborhood inhabited mainly by Roma population and disadvantaged population of socially and economically.

In this institution exists all levels of education: preschool , primary, secondary , vocational, secondary day and evening classes , post- high school and Second Chance . This year 1366 students are attending school , they are trained by 103 teachers, distributed in 59 classes.

Of the total number of 961 students from  elementary , secondary and professional , an appreciable number belongs to various disadvantaged: 315 are Roma , 196 have one or both parents unemployed or without any occupation, 225 students have their parents farmers, 84 students come from single parent families , 62 students are in the care of grandparents or other relatives , 187 students have one or both parents working abroad, and 7 pupils are institutionalized or in foster care. At the level of primary and secondary education, 80 % of pupils are Roma and disadvantaged backgrounds . On the day education,  secondary and professional , 85 % of students come from rural areas .

Liceul Tehnologic de Transporturi Auto, teachers are divided in two main areas: general culture - Romanian Language and Literature, Mathematics and Sciences, Human- Social Science, Religion and Physical Education and Arts - and culture specialist - Transport, Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical Engineering and ICT - which includes teachers who of technical subjects, engineers and foremen instructors, dealing with practical training of students.

Following an internal study initiated by psycho-pedagogical assistance of school results that 60% of the school population experiencing financial difficulties, which leads some parents of our students to think that the effort to send their children to school beyond their material possibilities. Lack of financial resources is prompting parents to focus more on the material side of everyday life than the role of education of their children. In most cases parents' carelessness for  school transfer in attitude and behavior of children who attaches great importance to increasingly lower classes. 

Liceul Tehnologic de Transporturi Auto