Osnovna Skola Petra Preradovica

Petar Preradović Primary School is among the first schools that were founded in Zadar after the Second World War. Fourty five teachers work are employed and over five hundred students attend the school. The children are between the ages of six and fourteen. The school has established a reputation for participating in numerous cultural, public and sports events.Beside its regular exceptional educational work, the school has realized notable results, won awards and recognitions in various fields related to extracurricular activities. The school is especially proud of its integrated special educational needs class, and the work undertaken by the teachers and students of that group. See also the European Projects web site of Petar Preradović Primary School: http://ospreradovic.wixsite.com/erasmus

The school hosts science days and is very proud of its language department.

Teachers and students participate in various IT workshops and training courses on a regular basis. Environmental awareness is of particular importance to us and the children have attended energy efficiency workshops and most recently in conjunction with the Museum of Antique Glass, a group of students participated in a recycling workshop. Apart from English, the other foreign languages taught are Italian, German and French. In collaboration with Zadar university, the school organises a week long celebrations of francophonie (French culture and traditions). These celebrations include readings, guest speakers, workshops and various interactive activities.  The school itself is located on the ancient peninsula in the very heart of our beautiful town. We are very proud to live in such a historic city which was this year named as the Best European Destination for 2016. Zadar is full of cultural events, rich in tradition and known for its hospitality and warm reception.

Osnovna Skola Petra Preradovica