Școala Gimnaziala Ghindeni

Ghindeni School is a public institution, the only school in Ghindeni village, having students between 3 and 15 years old. We have three types of education levels: preschool (40 students), primary (60 students) and lower secondary (70 students) education.

The school staff is 18 teachers,1 librarian and 1 financial accountant. All teachers are qualified and they are distinguished by interest and desire to help the children of this community to live up to their peers in urban areas, to partake of conditions and methods of modern learning,  to involve them in extracurricular activities that include them all and stimulate their potential, their skills and talents.

Ghindeni Village is 20 km away from Craiova. Some of the villagers are unemployed, others work abroad, the rest being farmers. This results in a weak relationship with the school, and therefore the students have bad marks.  

Our students form an etherogenous group, there are both students interested in studying, and some with lack of interest for school, as their parents are not aware and also not willing to share the benefits of knowledge developed in school.

The school needs we intend to address by this project are:

  • Using, as shared values in comunication among teachers-students-comunity, New educations for developing transversal skills of students
  • Widening the set of methods and tools used by teachers in their formal and non-formal education
  • The internalisation of educational politics, coping with the international teaching/ evaluation methods, the cultivation of national sentiment in European context.
  • Developing the communication abilities, both in Romanian and foreign languages, of students and teachers.

Thus, the projects we intend to implement, aim to find ways for a better comunication between students and their parents, to involve them in school activities, for stimulating learning.

It is highly important to participate in international projects, this way both teachers and students having the oportunity to meet other societies or school systems and to produce positive changes in their own attitude. In the past ten years, they have been involved in many European projects: Study Visits and Courses, workshops, Comenius and Erasmus + partnerships. As a reward, in 2011 and in 2014 we won „The European School” title from the Romanian Ministry of Education.

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Școala Gimnaziala Ghindeni