Peace with nature: A Scavenger Hunt & A place for peace

Day 1: A Scavenger Hunt

The activity will involve students from preparatory class and fifth grade students. The elder students will guide and support the little ones.

The teacher will offer suggestion for nature hunt list and the 5th grade students will write down the final list. The second step of this activity will be outdoor, as the kids will participate in nature walk, followed by the scavenger hunt. They will be divided in teams, each team will receive a list of tasks, the leader of the team has to read it and instruct his colleagues and the hunt will begin. First team that finds all items will be declared winner.

Example for the Sacavenger list: 4 types of leaves, something round, two kinds of seeds, something green, something that makes noise, a beautiful rock, a stick, a pinecone, something you think is beautiful, somethink you think is a treasure.

Day 2: A place for peace

The student are asked what helps them to feel peaceful? This could be flowers, leaves, rocks, crystals, a beautiful landscape. Nature is a great teacher if we learn to observe. Also indoors, a peace place can include your favourite books, pictures, where you can come to if you feel upset.You also can ask others to  join you for some peace time.

Students are asked to find a place indoors or outdoors for where can spend some time alone or with friends and relax, reflect on their daily routine and write an idea or a resolution for the next week or a card for peace.

By attending this activity students are connecting with one another and learn to to leave in armony with each other and in balance with the nature.


Discussion and reflection. Point out two things you learn today. What activity did you enjoy the most?


Daniela Firescu, Scoala Gimnaziala Ghindeni